““Dr. Case spoke about the need to move beyond the modality of diversity education where minorities or disadvantaged groups are merely tacked onto existing classes, but to really rethink our over-all approach to classroom dynamics.”
–faculty development participant

“Thanks for sharing your skillful self and strategies with us.  I want to follow you around, watch you teaching, and take notes about how to better recognize my own privilege and better help my students become intersectionally-engaged scholars and practitioners.”
–faculty member attended keynote and workshop


Please contact Dr. Case if you would like for her to speak at your university or college or for an upcoming conference, event, or institute. Each talk will be customized to your goals and the specific target audience.

Sample of previous invited speaker topics:

  • Toward an inclusive classroom: Strategies for faculty allies
  • Infusing intersectionality: Setting goals for the psychology curriculum
  • Teaching beyond diversity: Experiential learning for student engagement
  • Working toward transgender inclusion: How student and faculty allies can affect campus climate
  • 50 years of Doctor Who and diversity courses: A timey-wimey adventure in the TARDIS
  • Privilege in the classroom: Engaged learning and ally development.
  • Infusing privilege and intersectionality across the diversity curriculum
  • LGBT non-discrimination and inclusivity: Applying social science to public policy
  • Becoming a scholar of learning: Enhancing teaching through research

“Dr. Kim Case’s seminar on intersectional feminist pedagogies was easily the most comprehensive, honest, and useful set of lessons on the teaching of psychology I have had the opportunity to encounter…She revealed her own learning curves, described common hurdles when teaching critical thinking on issues related to identity and privilege, and left us with widely relevant pedagogical frameworks as well as tools for specific teaching challenges. As soon as I returned to my home institution I was able to use her suggestions to remodel my graduate proseminar on the psychology of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.” –Asia Eaton, Florida International University

university & department consulting

Dr. Case is an approved consultant by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2). Workshops and consulting agendas are always customized to the needs of the department or university. Consulting specialties include:

  • increasing student engagement
  • enhancing teaching effectiveness
  • diversity curriculum and initiatives
  • inclusive pedagogy and campus culture
  • exposing the hidden curriculum
  • serving under-represented groups effectively
  • pedagogical approaches to teaching intersectional theory
  • practical strategies for teaching and learning about privilege
  • workshops for staff on inclusive practices and co-curricular programs
  • external program reviews
  • developing faculty mentoring programs
  • faculty development including scholarship of teaching and learning
    (7 years as teaching center Director)

“Dr. Case visited our University for two days, and we found Dr. Case’s contribution to be simply outstanding. In particular, she offered terrific feedback related to curriculum development and evaluation, as well as ways to promote the professional development and teaching effectiveness of our faculty. Furthermore, we greatly appreciated her thoughtfulness about ways to promote retention and student success.” –Department Chair for External Program Review