teaching goals

As a first year graduate student giving my very first lecture on racism and sexism in a Social Psychology course, I knew teaching was one of my passions. I love the challenge of getting students interested in new topics, and I am thrilled to witness the energy they have when discovering something new. My greatest pleasures in teaching are moments when students engage in further discussion after class or a student drops by my office to inquire about a topic. My main goal as a teacher is to demonstrate the value of social science theory and application in students’ lives, emphasizing that learning should be an active, hands-on experience that continues long after the course ends. By combining a comfortable, personalized, yet energetic environment with a challenging curriculum, I hope to foster students’ genuine interest in course content, lifelong critical analysis skills, and appreciation of diversity of ideas and people.

student voices

“Dr. Case wanted us to find our individual voices” and “required us to expand our minds and apply what we had just read to the real world.” –Jenni Slataper

“My experiences in Dr. Case’s research lab and as her student enabled me to discover that I am passionate about social psychology research, teaching, and social justice. She is always willing to help me get into contact with people and resources relevant to my future research goals.” 
–Briana Stewart

“Dr. Case clearly goes above and beyond the necessary duties of a professor. In addition to outstanding teaching abilities and student engagement, Dr. Case is also a wonderful mentor to her students.” –Shaprie Jackson

“When you have great professors that have the time to help you and give you clear answers to problems we may have that truly makes the learning process easy.” – psychology major

“Dr. Case is beyond doubt a transformational leader who brings to life education and gives meaning to curriculum.” – Christi Fisher Bolen

teaching resources

Looking for resources for teaching and learning about diversity, social issues, privilege, oppression, and intersectionality? My resource center for Intersectional & Privilege Pedagogies provides syllabi, assignments, projects, activities, videos, and more to fuel effective teaching.
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