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White Anti-Racism and Action
a self-study course by Kim Case, Ph.D.

This course is designed for white people ready to begin the lifelong process of unlearning racism and taking anti-racist actions. The effectiveness of this 6-week experience rests on your commitment to deep self-reflection, unlearning what you think you know, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and taking action to dismantle white supremacy.


Hear directly from the experts! This course includes 30+ interviews with scholar-activist experts on systemic racism, anti-racism, implicit bias, white supremacy as a system, taking action for social change, and more.
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Dr. Case is a social psychologist by training and applies critical race theory, feminist theory, queer theory, and intersectional theory to her teaching, research, and service to the profession, on campus, and in the surrounding community. 

“Dr. Case is beyond doubt a transformational leader who brings to life education and gives meaning to curriculum.”

Christi Fisher Bolen