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Kim A. Case, Ph.D.

equity and inclusion specialist

Dr. Case is a social psychologist by training and applies critical race theory, feminist theory, queer theory, and intersectional theory to her teaching, research, and service to the profession, on campus, and in the surrounding community. Her mixed-methods research examines ally behavior when encountering bias and interventions to increase understanding of intersectionality and systemic privilege, reduce prejudice, and create inclusive spaces within educational and community settings. Her pedagogical scholarship, including three books, addresses diversity-course effectiveness, inclusive classroom practices, and teaching for social justice. Kim’s commitment to mentoring and inclusive pedagogy resulted in four university teaching awards and five teaching awards from national associations, including the Robert S. Daniel Teaching Excellence Award, Society for the Teaching of Psychology. 



  • Her first book, Deconstructing Privilege: Teaching and Learning as Allies in the Classroom (2013 Routledge), focuses on pedagogical strategies for teaching about privilege through an intersectional lens. 
  • Her second book emphasizes intersectionality pedagogy across the curriculum: Intersectional Pedagogy: Complicating Identity and Social Justice (2017 Routledge). 
  • Her most recent book with Mary Kite and Wendy R. Williams (2021 APA Press) is: Navigating Difficult Moments in Teaching Diversity and Social Justice.

National Service

Kim served a total of 11 years on the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (www.spssi.org) Council and five years as elected Representative to APA Council (American Psychological Association). Within APA Council, she was a founding member of the Council Diversity Work Group. She previously served SPSSI as Convention Program Chair, Teaching and Mentoring Chair, Council Member, and more leading to the Distinguished Service Award and Michelle Alexander Scholarship and Service Award. Currently, she serves on the VCU ADVANCE IT initiative and as Advisory Board member to the Georgia Tech Department of Biomedical Engineering NSF Red grant for inclusive transformation.

University Leadership

Her current administrative role as Director of Faculty Success and tenured professor at a research university includes overseeing the faculty success and teaching center where she provides pedagogical, scholarship and writing, and career planning supports for all faculty. She previously served as Professor of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, Chair of the Faculty Mentoring Program, Director of the Teaching-Learning Enhancement Center, and Director of the Applied Social Issues Master’s program at a state university in Houston, Texas.