On my role in educating white people

white anti-racism & action to dismantle white supremacy

Written after George Floyd’s murder. After weeks of struggling to figure out how to support the social justice movement for Black lives, ending police violence against People of Color, and working to dismantle systemic White Supremacy, I defined what I view as my most effective path as an (aspiring) ally and accomplice: 

stepping up to educate white people.

Since 1998, my teaching, research, and activism have centered on white anti-racism, not just in theory, but in action. As a white woman from a working-class family steeped in Appalachian culture, I was raised on values of community first, speaking up for what’s right, collective justice, and organizing (by the people, for the people) to demand systemic change

As a white woman…I take responsibility for educating the privileged. People of Color have consistently called on white people to do this work and teach other white people. People of Color, both generally and personally in my life, have called on white people to stop asking them to teach us. This call is not new.

So I will be devoting my nights and weekends to designing this course that I wanted to create 3-4 years ago. Life happened, and I allowed my plan to be derailed.

My whiteness afforded me the privilege to put off educating others.

But the urgency is real for People of Color, especially Black and Indigenous POC, who face being murdered while sleeping, jogging, driving, walking, and trying to breathe.

You can learn more about the White Anti-Racism and Action course I created.
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