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Your social justice values drive your work. I want to support your journey with community, coaching, and focusing on your goals. Come work with me.

white anti-racism and action

12-week online course for self study

Do you care about racial justice, but feel like you need to learn more? Ever feel unsure of what steps to take? I designed this course for white people ready to begin the lifelong process of unlearning racism and taking anti-racist actions. 

choose your own adventure

group coaching for social justice academics

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  • for mid-career & advanced career social justice academics 
    6-month guided journey for goal setting & career planning
    virtual community for peer feedback and support
    monthly group coaching calls
    one-on-one coaching with Kim
    resources to support your custom pathway
    lifetime access to materials and virtual community
    (institutional payments accepted)
"In academia we often only hear ‘just get tenure.’ But then what? Dr. Case’s program allowed me to learn, grow, and set goals (both at work and in life) beyond the tenure process. She encourages you to think outside the box in ways that are typically not talked about in academia. She provides support and things to consider along the way. I feel less 'what now?' and more, 'let’s do this!' than I ever could have imagined."
Alex Zelin
Associate Professor

virtual keynotes and workshops

Contact me to discuss a keynote, workshop, Q&A session, book group, etc. 
Sample of previous invited speaker topics:

  • Take the “Syllabus Challenge:” Tips for inclusive teaching
  • Toward an inclusive classroom: Strategies for faculty allies
  • Anti-racism in teaching and learning: Beyond identity to power and systems
  • Intersectional pedagogy: Making room for complexity
  • Privilege in the classroom: Engaged learning and ally development.
  • Infusing intersectionality: Setting goals for the curriculum

university and department support

Dr. Case is approved by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2) as an expert consultant. Specialties include:

  • teaching to reduce equity gaps for underserved students
  • diversity curriculum and initiatives
  • inclusive pedagogy and campus culture
  • exposing the hidden curriculum
  • pedagogical approaches to teaching intersectional theory
  • practical strategies for teaching and learning about privilege
  • workshops for staff on inclusive practices and co-curricular programs
  • designing effective faculty success programs, especially for under-represented and marginalized faculty members   

“She is extremely knowledgeable about the theory and research concerning intersectionality and white privilege, but more importantly for us she also has a wealth of experience actually making change happen. Her ideas and suggestions for concrete actions we can take today, in our classrooms and in our department, have been invaluable to the success of our project.”
–Dr. Joe Le Doux, NSF RED grant, Georgia Tech Department of Biomedical Engineering